Zindi Ambassador Davis David is a leader in AI in Tanzania

Davis David represents Zindi at a dLab event.

Davis David is one of Zindi’s first ambassadors, representing Zindi in Tanzania since June 2019. He is the CEO of ParrotAI, helps run the Deep Learning IndabaX event in Tanzania, is a member of AI Exponential Thinker, and even manages to find time to write articles for Analytics Vidya and the Zindi blog.

“The best part of being a Zindi Ambassador is the spirit of teamwork from Zindi management and our ambassadors across Africa,” he says.

“Working with Zindi has motivated me to be more active and work harder to make sure my fellow data science and machine learning practitioners in Tanzania are part of the Zindi community. Everyone can benefit by being part of it and improving skills by participating in different competitions, reading articles and engaging in discussions on the platform.”

Since joining Zindi in 2019, Davis has hosted four Zindi machine learning hackathons, and is launching a fifth — the AI4D Swahili News Classification Challenge, open to all East Africans. He has also helped start an AI learning group in Tanzania called TanzanAILab, where anyone in Tanzania can participate and develop their AI and machine learning skills. Lastly, he is a regular contributor to Zindi’s Learning page, where you can find a broad range of tutorials from this prolific data science writer.

In 2021, Davis hopes that the AI and machine learning community will continue to grow in Tanzania, and start to include more diverse groups.

“I think 2021 will see an increasing number of bachelor students involved in Artificial Intelligence as people learn that AI is not just for Masters and PhD students,” he says. “The number of women in data science and machine learning will increase this year as well.”

He also hopes to see more non-technical organisations seeing the potential for AI to solve their challenges.

You can get in touch with Davis on LinkedIn or Twitter to talk about AI and machine learning in Tanzania.



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