Providing AI-powered mental health support services to students in Kenya

Crowdsourcing an AI solution

In 2019, the Basic Needs Basic Right Kenya hosted a challenge in collaboration with Zindi called Tech4MentalHealth, with a grand prize of $4200 for the top three positions. The challenge sought to create an app-based solution for the growing mental health struggles of the youth across the country.

Highlights, challenges, and better days

According to Nicholas, it was an exciting, yet challenging project to work on, as a lot went into developing it.

“One challenge, aside from the privacy concerns, was actually figuring out if the solution we were building was the right solution,” he says.

He recounted the extensive user research across several higher institutions to grasp how mental health challenges affected students. There were a series of interviews with health practitioners, therapists, and counselors alike, to understand how they would respond to certain mental health issues and to fully capture the essence of the support service being developed.



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